Shuttle Conferences

Shuttle Conferencing is the same as FGC, but we use this way of working if we have to protect a person due to domestic violence and /or extreme conflict and if court restriction orders have been placed.

One way to protect a victim of domestic violence during the process of conferencing is to separate the parties into different rooms, with the facilitator moving between the two rooms during the negotiations, called shuttle conferencing separate conferencing days can also be arranged.

In both cases, the victim may be more at ease and he/she can rely on the facilitator to transfer information between the parties. However, neither of these forms of separate conferencing will negate the effect of the past fears of the victim, nor his/her fears of what may occur in the future. But what we can negate is that all family members, friends, and professionals are aware of the concerns and can be managed by all concerned, fully supporting the victim and taking the control away from the perpetrator.